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Hallicrafters PM-23 Speaker

Front of PM-23 Speaker
This Hallicrafters PM-23 speaker is one of the more rare versions of this speaker.  It has the very large magnet on the back of the speaker (see pictures).  Most of the Hallicrafters PM-23 speakers had the small magnet and did not sound near as rich and full as this one does.  I believe they made these speakers for the Halllicrafters SX-28 and SX-42 receivers, and the speakers with the smaller magnets were made for the Hallicrafters SX-23, SX-24 and SX-25 receivers. 

Side of PM-23 Speaker
The Hallicrafters PM-23 speaker was manufactured from 1939 - 1944. Many were made without the chrome "h" Hallicrafters logo on the lower left side of the grille.  Not adding the "h" may have been either a cost-saving measure or a war-related saving of chromium.
Back of PM-23 Speaker
This speaker still has the red Hallicrafters tag attached and the Hallicrafters label on the black magnet portion of the speaker.  The red tag contains instructions to connect the speaker to the 5000 ohms speaker terminal on the receiver.  I connected this speaker to my Hallicrafters SX-25 receiver, and it sounded great!

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