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Hallicrafters BC-610 I Transmitter

The pictures below are of a Hallicrafters BC-610 I transmitter.  The BC-610 radio transmitter is a medium power r-f transmitter which will transmit am or cw signals over a range of more than 100 miles.  The frequency range of  the transmitter is 2 to 18 mc.  The BC-610 transmitter is controlled by the master oscillator or the crystal oscillator, depending upon the position of the M.O.-XTAL switch on the tuning unit.  At frequencies below 8 mc, the power output of the transmitter exceeds 400 watts on cw, and 300 watts on voice or modulated continuous waves.  The BC-610 will operate with input power of 1,700 to 2,000 watts from a 115-volt, 50-to 60-cycle ac source.

The BC-610 radio transmitter also may be used for transmitting RTT signals on a frequency shift basis. For this type of operation, an external r-f exciter unit is used instead of the oscillator section of the transmitter. Signals from the exiter unit are connected to the oscillator section through the crystal socket of the transmitter tuning units.  The exiter unit shifts the frequency of the transmitter r-f output in accordance with the teletypewriter signal input to the exciter unit.

The BC-610 radio transmitter assembly is made up of three chassis.  The top chassis is referred to as the r-f deck and includes all of the r-f components.  The center section is called the modulator deck since it contains most of the audio and modulator equipment.  The bottom chassis includes the h-v power supply and overload relay; it is called the power supply deck.  The three chassis are assembled in a sheet steel cabinet with a front panel upon which the external controls and metering instruments are mounted.  The cabinet is bolted to a shock-mounted base.  The weight is approximately 400 pounds.

BC-610 Transmitter

John Anderson (AC5TX - right) is the proud owner of this baby elephant.  Charlie Hugg (K5MBX - left)
and 3 other guys helped him to deliver it to its new home.  This is what it looked like before clean-up.

BC-610 transmitter from the back

BC-610 transmitter front panel

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