WE Collins KWM-2 Transceiver     

This is an almost like new Collins KWM-2 that was produced in 1960. The serial number is 9XX. The calibrator crystal is dated January 1960. This transceiver belonged to a retired doctor friend of mine who had stored it for decades. This KWM-2 has a solid main tuning knob, as opposed to the later spinner knobs, and the VOX-TIME CONSTANT control behind the meter inside the cabinet. This was standard on late 1960s KWM-2 production models. I do not believe it has ever had any modifications done to it or ever been touched by a soldering gun. It looks like someone purchased it in 1960 and maybe used it for a year or two and then put it away.  The first 5 pictures below are of this transceiver.  The last 3 pictures are of a KWM-2 that was produced in 1963, serial number 12XXX.  It belonged to the same doctor friend, and is also in the same condition.

The KWM-2, an 18 pound compact transceiver, makes it possible to move one's operation from the desk top of the shack to the mobile mount in the car, plane or boat.  The KWM-2 went through rugged field and air operations with combat units.  Compactness and efficiency of the KWM-2 are achieved through having all tuned circuits and serveral tubes function in the dual role of transmitting and receiving. The same oscillators, mechanical filter and RF amplifier serve both the transmitter and reciever. CW break-in and monitoring sidetone circuits are built in.

The KWM-2 power input is 175 watts PEP on SSB or 160 watts on CW.  It transmits on voice or CW with a nominal ouput of 100 watts for complete coverage on 80 through 10 meters.  Standard equipment came with crystals for all HF bands except 10 meters where one crystal was supplied with provision for two additional crystals.  The KWM-2 can be used without accessories to drive the 30S-1 or 30L-1.

Other features include:
  • Filter Type SSB Generation
  • Automatic Load Control
  • Inverse RF Feedback
  • Permeability-Tuned Variable Oscillator
  • One KC Division
Information from Collins Amateur Radio Equipment Catalog NO. 32

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Front of KWM-2 Transceiver      Back of KWM-2 Transceiver      Top inside of KWM-2 Transceiver

Top inside of KWM-2 Transceiver      Inside bottom view of KWM-2 Transceiver     

Top inside of KWM-2 (1963)      Top Inside of KWM-2 Transceiver (1963)      Bottom Inside of KWM-2 Transceiver (1963)